The Forensics Group If evidence can be found.. we will find it


Computer Forensics is a complex and demanding science, requiring experts keep up with emerging technologies to investigate cybercrime. Innovative new devices from smart phones to tablet computers enter the market in a matter of months, with consumers upgrading to the newest and most advanced models. The Forensics Group has years of investigative and technological experience, precise methodologies and strict procedures. We utilize state-of-the-art forensics tools to keep up with the fast changing world of technology, and will accurately pull all the pieces together to break the technology code.

Our forensic accounting services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each matter. The Forensics Group specialists have extensive experience in dealing with disputes and investigations in criminal matters such as fraud and money laundering. We also provide consulting services and support on complex financial issues in the event of a legal dispute. Services include but are not limited to audit and tax compliance, IT consultancy, governance and risk, business support and accounting outsourcing, corporate recovery and forensic accounting.

The Forensics Group includes a team of legal and federal investigation specialists to testify as expert witnesses. With decades of experience in presenting recovered digital data in affidavits, reports or testimony at depositions and trials, our experts will swiftly and easily enhance your litigation position. We have the credibility that stands up in court with defensible methodologies. Our team handles large or small but related matters, and understands the legal complexities of discovery.

Our team of private investigators conducts background claims for attorneys and other parties. Our experience extends from due diligence for potential investors, vetting testifiers, to insurance claim investigations.  By utilizing database information and social media our investigators find the true facts.